New financial service on cash back of VAT amount for the shopping in European countries - TaxFree4U. Currently, Premium Bank cardholders can refund VAT amount within the shortest time period, not wasting their time in queue at the airport before the departure from the country they made purchases. While installation TaxFree4U application, Premium Bank cardholders entering "PREMİUM" promo-code will receive additional 5 Euro to the first cash back VAT amount from Premium Bank.

For receiving the largest cash back of VAT amount in European countries* Premium Bank cardholders should:

- Download TaxFree4U mobile application to their smartphone, register with "PREMİUM" promo-code;

- Upload photo of passport** (for confirmation of the absence of EU residency and other information for filling up declaration), enter information about the travel;

- 24 hours before the departure, upload photo of receipts to the TaxFree4U mobile application;

- Print filled declaration form at the hotel (VAT cash-back form), service will send it to the e-mail of the user;

- Before the departure from European countries, by declaring purchases in packed form and with tags, ensure the stamp by customs officer;

- After arrival in Azerbaijan, put stamped declaration and original receipts to the box at the airport (Heydar Aliyev International Airport, Terminal 1, Premium Bank department №1.

- Cash back amount and additional bonus 5 Euro will be deposited to the Premium Bank card within 48 hours after the receipt of original documents from the user.  

TaxFree4U mobile application benefits for Premium Bank cardholders:

Benefits: TaxFree4U service charges the top highest cash-back percentage %; ensure VAT refund for purchases from all VAT payer magazines; combines checks into one declaration for avoiding mandatory minimum amount of purchase, required by each country;

Convenience: without any additional papers and queues. It is enough to take photos of checks via the application - TaxFree4U specialists themselves will fill the declaration and send it via e-mail; 

Quickness: Refund of amount to the card is being carried out within 48 hours after receiving original documents, this time period is the shortest refund period in the practice of the VAT cash-back operators;

Azerbaijani citizens have right to get VAT cash back in 28 countries of the European Union.

TaxFree4U service ensures VAT cash back for the purchases made in Italy, Spain, France and in Germany.

TaxFree4U service - is the first online-service on VAT cash back for the purchases made in Europe*.  The service lifts up the burden of filling declaration for the tourists, stays in several queues and applies the highest percentage of cash back to the customer's card among all TaxFree operators. Up today, many tourists in European countries use of simplified VAT cash back service.

* The service ensures VAT cash back for the purchases made in Italy, Spain, France and in Germany.

**The passport, as well as card information, and photo are protected and cannot be transferred to the third persons.

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