Personal Chatbot for Visa Signature Miles Card Holders

19 August 2020

Premium Bank offers holders of Visa Signature Miles card the Chatbot-Concierge (personal assistant) service, which is rendered by Visa International payment system. Chatbot-Concierge is your very own personal assistant that works for you around the clock; to establish communication, you should connect to Telegram and Viber (free-of-charge). The service is available in Azerbaijani, English, and Russian languages and it is enabled right after Premium Bank has issued the respective card; the service is provided until the card has expired.

The Concierge service brings together a number of benefits: it provides useful information concerning business-trips and adventures, issues recommendations. The card holder receives the following information: city guides, business etiquette rules, visa and passport processing requirements, weather information etc. This service also provides information on various tours, entertainment and sport events, and restaurants in different locations around the globe.

The Concierge service enables card holders to book flights and hotels, rent cars, private planes and yachts. It also enables to attend various entertainment events, concerts and sports competitions among them. Should a card holder require any business (secretary, courier etc), personal (utilities, sick attendant, trainings, personal coach etc) or professional (medical, legal etc) services at their point of destination, the Concierge service will always be there to lend a hand.

Enjoy your life and leave the trouble to the Concierge!

For detailed information on the bank’s products and services please go to the webpage or the bank’s official page on Facebook, or contact our call center by dialing (012) 931.


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