The banking sector of the Republic of Azerbaijan is one of the most stable and fast-growing sectors. The country's economy is developing not only at the expense of the oil sector, but also due to industry and other sectors. As it is known, the share of oil sector in the country's economy began to decline in recent years. The government of Azerbaijan is taking a number of measures for development of non-oil sector and export capacity of the country. Decisions taken on exemption of industrial equipment imported into the country from taxes, customs and other duties or application of such charges on more favorable conditions are a vivid example of this.

Retail banking market is developing with little growth in Azerbaijan. The following factors can serve for its further development: increase population's confidence in banks, improvement of laws and increased competition. According to the results of regular market research, the formation of products and services portfolio, corresponding to market demand, improvement of service quality can positively affect the bank's activities.  As is known, any market can be characterized based on based on supply-and-demand relationships and reasonable prices. The perspective markets will be the ones in which the solvent demand will prevail over proposals.

The main target plan of "PREMIUM BANK" OJSC is oriented to increase the authorized capital (at the expense of the profit and joint capital investment), strengthening of competition with the reputable banks, business development and most importantly to the protection of the bank's image. In addition, with the purpose of expanding its foreign economic relations and operations the Bank plans to diversify the service sector (correspondent relations, foreign representative offices, etc.). The main goal, here, is to provide the customers with unlimited serves in local and foreign currencies. The bank's customer base is mainly focused on air transport sector of the economy. Provision of all kinds of high quality, transparent and high level banking services is one of the  main priorities of the bank.

The basic principles of the Bank are reliability, liquidity and independence and the bank will remain committed to these principles during all the period of its operation. The Bank's major strategic priority is to increase its investment attractiveness and profitability by implementing the following tasks:

  • Optimization of structure of assets to reduce the risk of losses  - Optimal allocation of proportions between the three main operation directions of the Bank, namely corporate business, private banking and interbank operations.
  • Improvement of the operational efficiency by transferring non-profitable assets to more efficient types of services.
  • Optimization of costs allowing to ensure high level of capitalization and a break-even operation.
  • Improvement of management structure with the purpose of ensuring the highest level of standards for service quality, management and business ethics.

At present, the bank's credit portfolio share in country's banking market  is about 2% and  deposit portfolio share is  1.5%. In the near future, these figures are expected to increase between 3% and 2% range. In the medium term we are planning to increase these figures accordingly. Also in minimizing the risks, the Bank based on international experience, pays special attention to the Compliance systems and risk management.

Based on positions and interests of our customers and shareholders, we offer them international level financial services.

We strive to keep confidence of our customers, who are the greatest value of us.

We have managed to combine a  stable position in the financial markets, international experience and a scale. This is a guarantee of our strength and reliability.

We focus on cooperation with everyone in a clear and transparent manner.

We offer all-in-one and alternative solutions of any complexity in financial segment we operate in.

We are strong with a team of professionals. Knowledge, skills, energy and creativity of each member of this team make us strong and unique.


Chairman of the Supervisory Board - Elchin Ahmadov

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