Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AZAL Miles? 

- AZAL-Miles is a unique programme designed by Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) for frequent-flying passengers. Members of AZAL-Miles programme can earn “miles” (i.e. travel/status points) on Azerbaijan Airlines and Buta Airways flights. 

2. What is Azal-Miles participation number?

- It is Personal Identification Number provided by Azerbaijan Airlines within Miles Programme. If you do not have Azal Miles number, it will be automatically created when ordering a bank card.

3. Why it is necessary to have international passport when I make booking?

- Your Azal Miles number will be created or regularly checked based on your international passport.

4. What are the differences between Black Edition and Platinum cards?

- Main difference is different coefficients in the accrual of miles in accordance with the mentioned card types. The higher is card’s status, the more miles will be calculated. Also, benefits available on the cards vary. For more details, please follow the link: http://www.premiumbonk.oz/oz/fur-life/plastij-jards/miles-kortlar/mosterjard-blajk-editiun-miles/

5. How do I earn miles?

a) Become a member of Premium Bank Miles Programme and make cashless transfers (by using your card in Azerbaijan and abroad. When you spend any amount in any currency of the world, points will be accrued in equivalent to Azerbaijani manat); 

b) You can earn miles by travelling with Azerbaijan Airlines (AZAL) or Buta Airways Airlines.

6. Where can I find information about earned miles?

You can check your miles balance as follows: 

a) Contact Call Center of your Bank; 

b) Total number of miles will be sent to your email; 

c) Check your personal cabinet at website or Azal Miles mobile application. You can also contact Azal Miles Programme representatives by calling (+99412) 598-88-80.

7. What should I do if I do not receive a notification to my email address?

- If you do not receive a notification at your email address, call Azal-Miles representatives (+99 412 598-88-80) or send a request to the email address: [email protected]

8. How many days does it take to get my card?

- Your card will be ready in 4 working days if you make standard order. For additional payment it is also possible to make an urgent order (next business day around 16:00-17:00 p.m.). 

9. How can I know if my card is ready? 

- When your card is ready, you will be notified by SMS to your mentioned mobile number during booking.

10. Upon payment, when will the earned miles be added to my account?

- You will be able to see your miles on your Bank’s miles account within 10-14 days depending on the respective payment. Accrued miles are credited to your account on the basis of processing transactions by the Bank. For any additional questions, you may contact your Bank’s Call Center: 012931

11. When will the flight points be added to my account?

- If you have notified your Azal-Miles participation number when buying a ticket and/or registering at the airport, your points will be added to your Azal-Miles participant account within 7 working days after the flight has been completed. 

12. Can I transfer my miles to another Miles Card?

- No, you cannot transfer your miles to another card. However, by sending request to Azal-Miles, it is possible to create a Family Account.

13. How can I create Family Account?

- You must send a request for creation of Family Account via special registration form available at For more information, please visit: Miles/family-account Miles/spend-points

14. How can I spend my miles?

- Your miles may be used in accordance with the rules provided by Azerbaijan Airlines. For more information, please visit: Miles/spend-points

15. Miles are not reflected in my account. Who can I contact?

- Depending on the payment, it may take few days (up to 30 days) to see your miles in your Bank’s miles account. If you have any additional questions, please contact your Bank’s Call Center: 012931

16. Can I pay full price of flight ticket using miles?

- Airport fees must be paid by a customer.

17. How can I top up the balance of Premium Bank Miles cards?

- Miles Card may be topped up at any branch of Premium Bank or via Premium Bank’s Cash-in terminals, PremiumPay and MilliOn terminals, Online Payment Section on Bank’s website, and

18. How long is the validity period of my travel points?

- Travel points credited to your account will be valid for 36 months from the date of transfer. If no flight is taken within 24 months by regular flights of Azerbaijan Airlines or third party airlines participating in miles/ travel points accrual, your Classic account will be cancelled. Cancelled points will not be restored.

19. Which operations are not eligible for miles accrual?

a) Bank and FOREX payments (loan payment, account deposit, insurance payments), mortgage payments (except for mortgage loans paid through APUS);

b) Money transfers (Card To Card, electronic purse).

20. Is it possible to make change on Miles Award ticket?

a) Only flight time/date of award ticket can be changed. Prior to flight, members of Azal Gold and Azal Platinum can make the change FREE OF CHARGE. However, Classic member will be required to pay 50 euros (for one direction of flight).

b) After the flight, all participants of Miles Programme will be able to make change in award ticket by paying additional 75 euros (for one direction of flight). 

21. Who can benefit from Priority Registration Desk located in Heydar Aliyev Airport (Zone A, Terminal 1)?

- All Premium Bank MC Black Edition owners can use this service. When registering, passengers travelling with card holder can also benefit from Priority Registration Desk. Service is free of charge.

22. How can I use insurance services included in Black Edition card when I am abroad?

- In occurrence of insurance event, please call this number: +7 499 270 35 00 

23. What is Premium Club and how can I become a member?

- Premium Club is a unique programme offering a cash back. Make your payments with Miles Cards to get cash back and earn multiple miles. Holders of Premium Bank Miles Card will automatically become members of Premium Club Programme.

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