Regulations on safe use of card

Reduction in the number of fraud operations is observed due to the constant improvement of methods on prevention of fraud in payment system. 

The main aspect preventing actions of offenders is – compliance with security measures on card storage and use as well as protection of personal and financial data by card holders in a correct manner. 

Please, comply with the following suggestions and recommendations related to appropriate security measures: 

Put signature on the signature line on the back of card immediately upon the acquisition of new plastic card. 

Note down card number and telephone number of customer service center on the other place appropriate for you – this information shall be essential in the case of card loss or theft. Keep data in safety. 

If the PIN-code of card you changed by yourself, do not use easily determined digit combination, for instance, the last digits of your telephone number, your date of birth etc. 

Do not indicate your PIN-code - bear it in mind. If you insist on writing it, make sure that this note is not in your wallet, especially do not note down PIN-code on the card. 

Do not disclose your PIN-code to anyone. Remember that you shouldn’t disclose it to anyone: representatives of bank and law enforcement authorities, cashiers of store units and you are not obliged to it. PIN-code shall be available only for card holder. 

Inform the bank about card loss or theft immediately. In some cases, you may be required to write application at the police station or confirm the fact of card loss in written form.

While using card

Protect your plastic cards as you protect your cash. Do not leave them in the car, bar, night club or on the beach.

Try to keep your card during conduction of transaction in sight as much as possible 

Make sure that your card is given back to you upon the execution of payment.

Control receipt and pay attention to the amount paid by card before signing it which confirms the shopping done by using card. Keep copies of receipts and slips that confirm payment transactions on shopping and ATM cash withdrawal. 

Control account statement every time, especially after the journey. Compare amount of shopping paid by card with receipts. Control the statement on whether undefined transactions not executed by you were indicated or not. 

Do not give the number of your credit card to any person or company over telephone. You may give information about your card if you are sure at working, cooperating with famous, reliable company. 

Be careful if sales manager exerts pressure on you during talking on the phone. Do not disclose the number of your plastic card to them until adopting final decision on shopping. 

Do not provide additional information about yourself during making payment for the goods in the store: you may be required to present ID card only. 

You should know the person who bears the right to use your card. If any member of your family used card with or without your consent, you will be responsible for shopping done by him/her or operations on cash withdrawal. 

Your card and PIN-code: 

Keep debit and credit card in a safe place, do not damage (scratch, tear etc.) it 

In the case of card loss, contact the bank immediately (012-931). 

ATM operations Safety 

Visa global ATM network provides an opportunity to withdraw cash funds in local currency in more than 200 countries. Read the recommendations on safety of measures conducted at ATM. 

ATM operations: 

Look around, evaluate condition – if ATM is poorly lighted or it is located in poorly visible place, use other ATMs. 

Make it ready before approaching ATM in order not to look for it in front of ATM. 

Make sure that people standing behind you in queue do not see your PIN-code or transaction amount. 

Do not count cash funds near ATM, put away card, cash and receipt. 

If you have any doubt, stop immediately transactions, take card and walk away. Inform the bank about the suspension of transaction as soon as possible. In case you decide to use ATM located in the internal space and you should swipe the card through a card reader in order to enter the space, be careful not to let unacquainted persons (stranger) enter with you. 

Do not forget to take the receipt. Compare receipts issued by ATM with monthly account statements. This is the best way of preventing unauthorized transactions and making calculations in a correct manner. 

In case you have lost card, immediately contact hot line of bank (012-931). 

Online shopping safety 

What is Verified by Visa ? 

Verified by Visa service provides additional safety for online purchase of goods. This free service is easy to activate for your card. 

How does this service work?: 

Determine your personal identification method with the help of the bank and activate the card in a few minutes. The bank will offer or select the password or send it by SMS to your cell phone. Upon its activation Verified by Visa service will provide necessary security at every time you enter the online shop. 

During online shopping the system will automatically define your card to be secured by Verified by Visa service. 

Control accurately transaction. Confirm that instructions comply with the conditions of contract concluded with bank. 

Follow instructions with a view to complete transaction. 

Bank will confirm your data and transaction will be successfully completed.

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