Premium Bank introduce updated versions of Mobile Banking and Internet Banking for private customers

28 December 2019

The advantages and usability of state-of-the-art information technology positively influence banking operations performed by customers, promoting the expansion of their range of interests. Always prioritizing customer satisfction and focusing on innovations, OJSC Premium Bank have issued for their private customers an updated version of Mobile and Internet Banking services, boasting a broad function and user capability slate.

   Premium Internet Banking is a cutting-edge banking service, which enables customers to uniterruptedly pay for the broad range of services rendered by different providers without visiting the bank. One can use these capabilities without installing an additional software, just by connecting to the Internet from any computer or phone.

Smartphone users can just download the app Premium Mobile Bank from App Store / Play Market:

the app also boasts other advantages, and its capabilities are constantly expanded.

Internet Banking services provide:

  • broad information capabilities – updating customer on accounts and related banking services
  • financial capabilities – payments, transfers, currency exchange etc.

Premium Internet Banking has the following advantages:

  • time saving
  • continuous monitoring of accounts
  • real time (online) payment of bills without personal intervention of account holder
  • new, state-of-the-art, and convenient user interface
  • secure storage and transfer of financial information

Services and operations:

  • Payments in national currency – within the Republic of Azerbaijan; payments in foreign currency -international payments outside the country
  • Conversion – sale and purchase of foreign currency
  • Payment template function
  • Getting updates on customer’s checking accounts (balance, status, details), download and sharing of information without leaving the mobile app
  • Obtaining bank statements
  • Information on customer’s cards
  • Information on currency exchange rates
  • Checking and card account management
  • Creation of automatic payments
  • Blocking and unblocking cards
  • Activation and deactivation of SMS Notification service
  • Login to system via browser or iOS \ Android mobile app
  • «Application to bank» without leaving Internet or Mobile bank interface (section “Chat” or “Application”)

For more information about the Bank's products and services, please visit , contact Call Center at (012) 931, or visit the Bank's official Facebook page at


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